Recently, I received a letter (redacted) from Hamilton CAS alerting me that someone had made an anonymous complaint against me. This must have been an internet Troll, as they used Keep 43’s public mailing address rather than my own home address.

CAS writes, “This letter is in response to an anonymous report received on January 31 , 2018. The reported concerns were regarding your use of spanking on your child’s bare bottom. As you are aware, spanking is a legal practice in Canada on children between the ages of 2 and 12. Although the Children’s Aid Society does not recommend any form of physical discipline, there are no child protection concerns at this time.”

I believe one should use these as opportunities to educate and inform the public. To see the full CAS letter, my 3-page response to it and the other materials I enclosed with my response, please see the PDF in the following link: