"Keep 43" Defends Time-Tested
Proven Parenting Methods
We work to educate about and oppose harmful legislation
such as the government's attempts to criminalize traditional parenting (aka "repeal 43" via Bill S-206)

Calls To Action

Calls to Action! What can you do?

1. Financial support is vital for us to operate. Please donate!

2. Your Representatives┬áDon’t let ideology hijack your family. It’s important that you contact your MP and Senators representing your region and let them know that criminalizing the most successful parenting methods is harmful … or simply copy from the template below.

keep43 adobe pdf icon imageKeep 43 Sample letter to your MP, Minister, or anyone in a position to protect children
Sample Letter – Retain Canada’s Sec43 La[…]
Adobe Acrobat document [98.5 KB]

3. Charitable giving Some charities have officially turned predatory against children & family. Based on their self-declared position, we have created a boycott list to expose charities that work against children & families. Please check our Boycott List before inadvertently sending money to any of them.

keep43 adobe pdf icon imageKeep 43 Boycott List
Many of these Organisations take your money disguised under “Charitable Donations” and use it to intentionally inflict harm on your family.
K43 Boycott List.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [414.0 KB]

4. Legislative assaults on the family Those we entrust in government have a duty-of-care to act in our best interests by placing evidence-based science ahead of their personal ideologies. It’s OK to be uninformed but it’s not OK to be wilfully blind or intentionally cause harm. Below are various legislative attempts to harm Canadian family:

PC Senator Nancy Ruth (2011)

Lib. Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette (Retired April 22, 2016) launched repeated attacks on Canadian families (Mar 2005, Jun 2007, Jun 2008, June 2009, Mar 2010, Nov 2012, Apr 2014, Dec 2015)

Lib. MP Joyce Murray (2015)

Hon. Justice Murray Sinclair, (2016) former TRC Chair (see bottom of “What’s New” tab), now appointed as an “independent and non-partisan” Senator. Having already proven he doesn’t know what Canada’s laws actually are, he now wants to convince the uninformed that he is an “expert” on parenting systems and child behaviour management. Arrogance combined with ignorance is a dangerous mix.

However, thanks to the common sense of most of our parliamentarians, our children still remain safe today. But that may not last with the growing globalist anti-family initiatives. That’s why it’s important to disseminate the facts on this issue to politicians and families alike to defend our excellent laws and keep children and families safe. Keep 43.

Thank you! Whatever you do makes a difference