Please support the protection of children and family in Canada

KEEP 43 COMMITTEE OF CANADA is a Federally incorporated not-for-profit


Our children need rational and concerned people like you to advocate for their protection.


We do not receive government funding but rely on the generous support of individuals and organisations concerned about protecting the foundation of healthy societies - the family.


The following organisations and people indicate they support existing Canadian Law. Please email us, and we'll add your name to the list. This lets others know that preventing child abuse and youth violence is important to you, and that our laws are optimally balanced to do so. 


American College of Pediatricians

America's Taken Children

ATA - The Alberta Teachers' Association

ARPA - Association for Reformed Political Action

Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens

Barnevernet vil vi ha fullstendig fjernet, Norway

Be Reasonable Scotland

Be Reasonable Wales
Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute

Canada Family Action

C^RDUS / Cardus Family

CASA - Canadians Against Child Abuse

Canadian Judicial Council

Children Need a Parent, Not a Friend

CHP Canada - Christian Heritage Party Canada

CitizenGO Canada

Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review

CTF - Canadian Teachers’ Federation

Coalition Against State Trafficking of Children

DAM - Discrimination Against Men

ER Lang, MSW, CBS, .Dip, RSW (Inactive), PT Assistant Clinical Researcher, Ret'd

ETFO - Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

Families United Ontario
Family Education Trust - UK

Family First - New Zealand

Families for Decency
Family Talk

Fathers Opposed to False Accusations (Anti-Parental Alienation Movement)

Federal Department of Justice and Police FDJP, Swiss Confederation
Focus on the Family Canada

For the Love of Our Kids

Give Our Children Back (Stop Barnevernet Norway)

Geri Pfeiffer, Childrens Rights Advocate - America'sTaken
HSLDA - Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada
IMFC - Institute of Marriage and Family Canada

JCCF - Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

Kids First Parent Association of Canada

Law Reform Commission of Canada

MTS - The Manitoba Teachers' Society

Mental Health Begins at Home

Michael Coren, "From The Arena"

Ministère des Affaires sociales, de la Santé et des Droits des femmes

Ministerstvo spravedlnosti České republiky


NBTA - New Brunswick Teachers' Association

NLTA - Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association

Nordic Committee of Human Rights

NTTA - Northwest Territories Teachers' Association

OECTA - Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association

Op Expose CPS/Child Welfare Canada

Operation Expose CPS

Operation Expose CPS Canada

OTF - Ontario Teachers' Federation "Protecting Children by Empowering Parents"

PAFE - Parents as First Educators

Parenting Evidence, Inc.

Parents in Favor of Spanking (USA)

Parents Opposing Government Sponsored Child Theft

Parents Out Loud

PWDTC - Parents Who Discipline Their Children

PCC - Protecting Canadian Children

PROTEST against Norway Barnevernet Child Protection System

Protect Children Anon

Protecting Canadian Children

PFM - Protection for Men

PEITF - Prince Edward Island Teachers' Federation

QPAT - Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers

Raising Great Kids Canada

Real Mothers of Canada

REAL Women of Canada

Sigman, Aric, (psychologist) author "The Spoilt Generation"

Singler Foundation for Family Rights

Solid, Strong and Safe Parenting

Stand Together for Canada

Stop Child Protection Services fom Legally Kidnapping Children, Minnesota

Stop the Children's Aid Societies from taking Children from Good Parents

SPA - Stop Parental Alienation

SSSCA - Stop State-Sanctioned Child Abuse

Stop the CBC and the Biased Media Parties

STF - Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation

SWP - Stop the War on Parenting

Survivors of Positive Parenting


TPKF - Time to Put Kids First

TRMC - The Real Mothers of Canada

Toronto Sun

Twelve Tribes

Velvet Martin, Childrens' Rights Advocate "Samantha's Law"

YTA - Yukon Teachers' Association

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