keep43 15 03 2018 imageNewly updated with School Bullying and Domestic Violence rates

One major piece of evidence that traditional parenting systems produce more psychologically and emotionally stable and resilient outcomes than the other styles imposed by law in various E.U. countries is strongly supported by the Domestic Violence rates when children growing up under such bans become adults.

A comparison of Domestic Violence rates in E.U. spanking-banned vs. no-ban countries showed the following:

Insulting marital-like partners:

79% in Sweden (1979 ban)
64% in other spanking-ban counties
36% in no-ban countries

Tackled or hit marital-like partners

34% in Sweden (1979 ban)
32% in other spanking-ban countries
18% in no-ban countries

“If these are any indication, then clearly the results of banning effective discipline are a material contributor to domestic violence. At the very least, this certainly debunks any claims that loving and firmly-guiding traditional parenting styles lead to domestic violence.”

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