On October 4, 2017, newly arrived Hon. Senator Chantal Petitclerc speaks in support of criminalizing the 82% of Canadian parents who don’t parent like she does, and use minor force in child-rearing.

What’s astonishing is that, reading her statement, she obviously has no concept of what the law actually is or what she thinks she wants to ban, nor the serious and utterly proven consequences of doing so.

It’s reprehensible that people with the power to change laws don’t bother to obtain a rudimentary understanding of what they’re proposing, nor put any effort into doing some solid reasearch. Another victim of advocacy opinion papers by the Durrant-Gershoff-Straus trilogy we presume.

This speech is so utterly detached from actuality and objective scientific fact that we’ll likely prepare a response (as we did to Sen. Sinclair’s opinions) and have it emailed to all Senators.

We provide the speech in it’s entirety below: