"Keep 43" Defends Time-Tested
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We work to educate about and oppose harmful legislation
such as the government's attempts to criminalize traditional parenting (aka "repeal 43" via Bill S-206)

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Keep 43 Brochure

We’ve updated our tri-fold brochure. Please feel free to download or link the PDF version below. For printed copies, please contact us and we’ll send you a quantity free of charge.

Citizen Go Petition: Stop Bill S-206! Do Not Criminalize 82% of Canadian Parents

Impressive! 33,044 concerned people signed our petition to Senate opposing Bill S-206 before the petition was closed. Signatories came from far-and-wide, including Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, UK and many from the USA.

Citizen Go has undertaken to deliver a copy to the Senate of Canada.

On behalf of Canadian families, we genuinely thank you.

An Overview of Parenting Systems: Understanding why Parental “Spanking Bans” increase child abuse

A Keep 43 Publication

The intention of this treatise is lay out the matrix of parenting systems and to explain, in easily understandable terms, why the legislative attempts to eliminate “Authoritative Parenting” causes more harm than good, despite the good intentions to impose “Positive Parenting” on everyone via the blunt instrument of Criminal Law.”

This publication is now available in a 5 1/2″ x 8″ book form. For free copies, contact us!

PDF download link below.

Parents Ask Q&A – Straight Talk

Keep 43 originally responded to questions individually through our “Parents Ask” series on social media. Now, we’ve combined, edited and reprinted all Q&A into this one resource.

“Straight Talk – about parenting, child-rearing and normative spanking as one scientifically-proven effective tool in developmentally optimal parenting systems”

“A Resource for Parents, Social Workers, Judiciary and Governments”

This publication is now available in a 5 1/2″ x 8″ book form. For free copies, contact us!

PDF download link below

Sweden: The Canary in the Coal Mine
How the abolition of traditional parenting ultimately destroys a society

sweden-canary-new-cover.jpgA Keep 43 Publication

The intention of this treatise is to summarize the last decade’s research examining the empirical outcomes of criminalizing traditional parenting systems. Sweden, the first country imposing this ideology in 1979 yields the best evidence.

This publication is now available in a 5 1/2″ x 8″ book form. For free copies, contact us!

PDF download link below

How the abolition of traditional parenting ultimately destroys a society
Keep 43 Boycott List (Rev.6)

The organizations listed herein officially support legislation to criminalize traditional parenting (via Senate Bill S-206, a.k.a. “Repeal 43”).

The evidence is now overwhelming that countries with long-standing parental “spanking bans” experience an increase in ten types of harms on children, families and society.

We believe any organization that promotes harming children under the disguise of advocating for them is reprehensible. We also believe that organizations whose stated policy is to harm the family via legislation should not retain a charitable status for tax reasons.

We ask parents to review this list, ensure your children are not exposed to these entities, and do not fund or support them.

The Scottish Government (Holyrood Committee) is holding consultations on a proposed “smacking ban” bill

We submitted a response to the consultation in the PDF linked below:

Further to: “The Welsh Government is holding consultations on a proposed “Smacking” (a.k.a. spanking) ban below…

A report entitled, “2018 Welsh Government Consultation – summary of responses” was released. The PDF is linked below, and we’ve inserted an image of their conclusions.

Among the 1,741 responses, “80 were from organisations rather than individuals”, and “Keep 43” was one of them. (The Appendix lists all of them). We are gratified that we were quoted verbatim in the responses.

Now it’s time, once and for all, for Canada to stand up and say NO, we won’t place children and families in harm’s way by abandoning solid parenting, science or common sense. Let others like Sweden, Venezuela and New Zealand sacrifice children on the alter of ideology. Canada has always been, and is still, smarter than that.

keep43 07 08 2018 image

Consultation on the Legislative Proposal to Remove the Defence of Reasonable Punishment
CitizenGo Canada Petition
“Stop Bill S-206! Do Not Criminalize 82% of Canadian Parents”

Our good friends at CitizenGo Canada have created an excellent petition for Canadian Senators to oppose this harmful legislation.

It’s time for normal families to push back against those who try to tear it apart. please sign at the link below: Please Sign! Link Here

Senate Bill S-206 “Repeal” 43
Honourable Senator Raynell Andreychuk speaks in opposition of the bill

With this, the bill has passed Second Reading and now heads to Committee for study. Our hope is that committee reviews the 6 decades of objective science proving that Traditional (“Authoritative”) Parenting styles produce the best developmental outcomes and to criminalize this, for whatever the reason, will inflcit greater harms on children, not reduce them.

We’ve copied the Senator’s sppech in the PDF below:

The Welsh Government is holding consultations on a proposed “Smacking” (a.k.a. spanking) ban

We submitted a response to the consultation in the PDF linked below:

SWEDEN – The Canary in the Coal Mine
How the abolition of Traditional Parenting Ultimately Destroys a Society

keep43 15 03 2018 imageNewly updated with School Bullying and Domestic Violence rates

One major piece of evidence that traditional parenting systems produce more psychologically and emotionally stable and resilient outcomes than the other styles imposed by law in various E.U. countries is strongly supported by the Domestic Violence rates when children growing up under such bans become adults.

A comparison of Domestic Violence rates in E.U. spanking-banned vs. no-ban countries showed the following:

Insulting marital-like partners:

79% in Sweden (1979 ban)
64% in other spanking-ban counties
36% in no-ban countries

Tackled or hit marital-like partners

34% in Sweden (1979 ban)
32% in other spanking-ban countries
18% in no-ban countries

“If these are any indication, then clearly the results of banning effective discipline are a material contributor to domestic violence. At the very least, this certainly debunks any claims that loving and firmly-guiding traditional parenting styles lead to domestic violence.”

Click the Download link below to read the PDF

How the abolition of Traditional Parenting Ultimately Destroys a Society
An internet troll makes a malicious claim to CAS against Keep 43’s Chair, Providing an excellent opportunity to educate on parent’s questions surrounding “spanking on the bare seat”

Recently, I received a letter (redacted) from Hamilton CAS alerting me that someone had made an anonymous complaint against me. This must have been an internet Troll, as they used Keep 43’s public mailing address rather than my own home address.

CAS writes, “This letter is in response to an anonymous report received on January 31 , 2018. The reported concerns were regarding your use of spanking on your child’s bare bottom. As you are aware, spanking is a legal practice in Canada on children between the ages of 2 and 12. Although the Children’s Aid Society does not recommend any form of physical discipline, there are no child protection concerns at this time.”

I believe one should use these as opportunities to educate and inform the public. To see the full CAS letter, my 3-page response to it and the other materials I enclosed with my response, please see the PDF in the following link:

An Analysis and Response to an anti-spanking editorial in New Scientist Magazine, Oct 20, 2017 entitled, “Scotland has banned smacking children – so should everyone else”

In fact this is false, there is no spanking ban in Scotland, nor anywhere in the U.K.

For the benefit of disseminating solid parenting-system science, we felt it important to prepare a response to this editorial. The amount of utterly false information and scientifically debunked claims this opinion piece expresses is astonishing. It is a great disservice to society for people to propagate “anti-spanking” propaganda simply to further their uninformed feelings.”

The article is linked here. Our full response is in the PDF below

An Email to all Hon. Senators Today provides a legal opinion that use of minor force in child-rearing is not protected by Common Law or De Minimis Protections

This summarizes as follows:

“There appears to be general agreement that a parent has the right to apply force to a child (with or without the child’s consent) when it is necessary to protect the child, to protect others (such as a younger sibling), and to teach a child social values and behavioural limits.”

“Neither the exercise of prosecutorial discretion nor the common law defences of necessity and de minimis would be adequate to protect parents who were carrying out their duties.”

“the requirement of the rule of law suggests that the criminal liability of a parent who touches a child for a proper purpose should not depend on the vagaries of prosecutorial discretion (removal of objective tests) or on criminal law excuses (de minimis).”

The research can be read here. Our full response is in the PDF below

CARDUS, on S-206, Parental Discipline
“The Case for Keeping Section 43” Published January 2017

Please read the PDF below:

Analysis and response to Hon. Senator Petitclerc speech before Senate on Oct 4, 2017, in support of S-206 (“repeal 43”) a.k.a. “an Act to criminalize traditional parenting”

On October 4, 2017, newly arrived Hon. Senator Chantal Petitclerc speaks in support of criminalizing the 82% of Canadian parents who don’t parent like she does, and use minor force in child-rearing. She’s not strong enough to rise up to the challenge of solid child-rearing (her own testimony confirms it) and has decided that the blunt force of criminal law should be used to coerce you to be brought down to her parenting approach. Self-entitlement is becoming a toxic societal issue.

and to this end … the amount of false and debunked claims, junk science, distortions and rudimentary lack of understanding of Canada’s Law, as delivered in her speech is astonishing.

Updates on S-206, an Act to Criminalize Traditional Parenting

On October 4, 2017, newly arrived Hon. Senator Chantal Petitclerc speaks in support of criminalizing the 82% of Canadian parents who don’t parent like she does, and use minor force in child-rearing.

What’s astonishing is that, reading her statement, she obviously has no concept of what the law actually is or what she thinks she wants to ban, nor the serious and utterly proven consequences of doing so.

It’s reprehensible that people with the power to change laws don’t bother to obtain a rudimentary understanding of what they’re proposing, nor put any effort into doing some solid reasearch. Another victim of advocacy opinion papers by the Durrant-Gershoff-Straus trilogy we presume.

This speech is so utterly detached from actuality and objective scientific fact that we’ll likely prepare a response (as we did to Sen. Sinclair’s opinions) and have it emailed to all Senators.

We provide the speech in it’s entirety below:

Domestic Violence against women: What the EU-wide survey tells us

Scandinavian countries exhibit the highest rates of domestic violence.

Scandinavian countries were the first to criminalize traditional “loving and firmly guiding” parenting systems which used minor force (moderate spanking) in child-rearing. (Sweden 1979, Finland 1983, Norway 1987, and Denmark 1997)

Research shows Sweden (the first and most-studied “Spanking ban” country) now has the most ill-behaved and violent children in the Western world. It is not surprising that these maladjusted children will grow up into maladjusted and violent adults, and by the EU’s own analysis, this is exactly what is happening…

From a Guardian article (March 2014) Read it here

The Patient and Disciplined Faith of the Amish

The Amish are practicing what scientists call “Authoritative Parenting” (cf. Baumrind’s seven parenting styles, UC Berkeley). It’s highly Nurturing, highly Demanding (setting appropriate limits on behaviour) and highly Responsive (consistently enforcing those limits).

By Baumrind’s own definition (who coined the term) one of the hallmarks of Authoritative Parenting is that they universally spank to enforce compliance

From a HuffPost article (May 2011) read it HERE

“I Think Liberals and Leftists are Killing the World”
an article by: Becky Chandler

“I think for many parents when smacking fell out of favor – that meant all discipline went with it. And I don’t think it’s good for kids, who actually need boundaries, structure and routine…”

Indeed, over the last few years, Canada has experienced a series of legislative pressures which primary goal is to undermine and weaken the nuclear family, to the detriment of children. This article raises good points.

READ article here

A conversation with an Anti-family movement called: “Save the Children Canada”

We recently contacted “Save the Children Canada” on Facebook. This NGO uses your donations to lobby the government to criminalize most Canadian Parents and wants to harm kids to suit a greater ideological goal. They are already on several Canadian Family & Parenting Org “war-on-parenting” watch lists, and on K43’s boycott list. We’ll keep working to expose predatory people who intend to tear up the family for their purposes.

Here’s the conversation. We don’t mince words with this ilk because experience shows “being nice” never works with radicals.

“Swedish Parenting has created Nation of Brats”

In this Telegraph article, “David Eberhard, who was a prominent psychiatrist before becoming a writer, warns in his new book, How Children Took Power, that Swedish parents are now unwilling to discipline their children in any way.”

In fact, Sweden’s 1979 “Spanking Ban” effectively legislated all parents into these developmentally inferior parenting styles. We’re gratified that more and more evidence is mounting to independently verify the conclusions of our research.

Family Education Trust UK, Bulletin #165 Feb 2017

Written from a U.K. perspective, it appears they are experiencing the same types of issues against children and family that Canada is currently experiencing.

Article: “Welsh smacking ban would present a threat to children and families in Wales and beyond” page 3

New Research: Hoff, H., “Parenting Styles, Prevalence of Normative Spanking, and Reports of Children Sanctioned at School”

Abstract: A poll conducted with one parent from each of 56 families having a child aged four to seven years old indicated that 46 (82%) had / would use moderate spanking in child-rearing, 3 (5%) used non-spanking consequences. 7 (13%) used “Positive Parenting” styles including no consequences.

The research identified two children sanctioned for hitting or bullying another child at school. Both came from one of the 7 positive parenting styles The probability that this is a random observation is 1.4% or 1 in 73.33. This link suggests that the spectrum of parenting styles that employ moderate spanking as a back-up to other methods produce on-balance, children less inclined to behave violently towards other children than the spectrum of parenting styles which exclude consequences.

An Analysis and Response to Hon. Senator Murray Sinclair’s Speech before the Senate regarding Bill S-206 (“Repeal 43”)

On March 7, 2017, Hon. Senator Murray Sinclair, during Second Reading, delivered a speech in support of Bill S-206: An Act to amend by Repealing Section 43 of the Criminal Code inclusive of the Supreme Court’s 2004 Rulings defining the same.

On behalf of the 82% of Canadian parents with preteen children who constructively use minor force in child-rearing, the Keep 43 Committee of Canada respectfully presents:

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court says spanking a child is legal
By Associated Press, June 26, 2015

Keep 43: We believe the MA Supreme Court found the optimal balance when they stated,

“Writing for the seven-member court, Justice Barbara Lenk said two important interests needed to be balanced: protecting children against abuse; and avoiding unnecessary interference with the rights of parents to raise children as they see fit.”

Children and Parents Deserve Better Parental Discipline Research: Critiquing the Evidence for Exclusively “Positive” Parenting

Citation: Robert E. Larzelere, Marjorie Lindner Gunnoe, Mark W. Roberts & Christopher J. Ferguson (2017) Children and Parents Deserve Better Parental Discipline Research: Critiquing the Evidence for Exclusively “Positive” Parenting, Marriage & Family Review, 53:1, 24-35, DOI: 10.1080/01494929.2016.1145613

We’d observe: When Child-Rearing “Research” is conducted to fit a narrative or preconceived conclusion, no one wins, least of all children & parents.

France: On Jan 5, 2017 passed an “Anti-Spanking” Law, and on Jan 20, 2017, this law was STRUCK DOWN
France’s Constitutional Conceil declared it unconstitutional

Keep 43 believes this may be the turning point in the Global trend towards criminalizing parents and harming families. After decades of spanking bans, formidable & robust research is mounting that these bans increase violence on and by children, including serious child abuse on them, and simply provides the child protection industry a means to abduct and traffic children to meet their quotas and revenue targets.

Ruling in French (Use Google Translate if required)
“Research on Disciplinary Spanking is Misleading”
American College of Pediatrics – January 2017

It’s all about the methodology and whether it’s objective research looking for an answer, or a preconceived conclusion looking for confirmation-biased data… Please read here.

Corporal Discipline: Policy Report for Parliamentarians
By ARPA (Association for Reformed Political Action Canada)
Updated Fall 2016

This article very succinctly addresses the main points including:

(1) The importance of protecting children, family and parental rights by keeping 43,

(2) Confirms there is no evidence that normative spanking causes any identifiable harms, yet when used judiciously, is an effective tool in promoting better developmental outcomes, and

(3) Explains the methodological flaws that are used to produce so much deceptive “advocacy research” in attempts to support the ideology that undermines and denigrates traditional / authoritative parenting.

Letter to all Senators : “Determining the increased annual cost to Canadian society if the typically observed increases in youth violence from repeal 43 replicates in Canada”

While Senators consider the ongoing dialogue on why Section 43, and it’s interpretations by the Supreme Court in 2004 must be protected, we would like to add another aspect to this.

Attached is a letter, which among other things, provides an economic analysis of the financial cost to Canada by Repeal 43 based on the usual observed increase in youth violent crime by 20 years out.

Relating Parental Styles & the Prevalence of Parental Spanking to Societal Violence via Political Views as a Proxy

keep43 11-17-2016 image

“Ways to Discipline Your Child Successful and Healthy”

This is an anti-spanking propaganda piece found here, and below is a PDF rebuttal of various false and scientifically-debunked claims it contains.

“Handling a Tantrum”

A Parenting meme we discovered on this very important subject. It can be found here, and below is a PDF of why we believe this is scientifically poor advice.

Download and Read the PDF here
“Straight Talk on Spanking Laws”

Thank you Corpun for highlighting our January 2016 editorial to the Hamilton Spectator FOUND HERE

How Incentives fit in with Parenting Styles
And how constructive spanking relates to parenting styles and outcomes
Download and Read the PDF here
A Perspective on Behaviour Modification

keep43 09-30-2016 imageChapter 1 “A Perspective on Behaviour Modification”, pp.16-31

This Explains WHAT Incentives are and HOW they fit into behaviour modification

Excerpt from “Corporal Punishment: Is It Effective? An Empirical Study of School Punishment Records” Hoff, H, Iron Gate Research, ISBN 149759748X (Excerpt by Permission)

Download to Read the PDF below!

Time-out: How It Relates to Constructive Spanking as a Consequence

keep43 09-29-2016 image

An Editorial by H. Hoff for Keep 43 Committee of Canada
On Dec 2, 2015, we wrote the Canadian Medical Association

We wrote to both Dr. Brian Brodie / Chair and Dr. Cindy Forbes / President, of CMA. The CMA supports S-206, and as such, is implicitly declaring that they support increasing the known harms on children and families that criminalizing traditional parenting causes.

No response has ever been received and that in itself is a response. This should tell the casual observer everything they need to know of the CMA’s attitude towards the family.

Senate of Canada Bill S-206 (“repeal 43”) update

Hon. Donald Neil Plett delivers his response speech to this current legislative assault on the family.

Once again Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette launches an attack on Canadian children and family

Again we are at the Second Reading of a Senate Bill S-206 designed to repeal s.43, criminalize most parents and expose children to a spectrum of greater harms. We wrote her recently to provide her with the science and facts on this issue, but she simply doesn’t care. Her personal ideology is more important than doing no harm. Below is our emailed response to all Senators on this.

Straight Talk on Spanking Laws
Online editorial by New Canadian Media “Spanking: Lots of Studies – Little Change”

This is an egregiously biased propaganda piece found here. We posted a rebuttal but the site did not publish it. Thus we provide it below:

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 “Calls to Action”

School Corporal Punishment: To be clear, the Supreme Court January 2004 rulings on Sec.43 removed physical discipline from all educational settings, public and private. It’s alarming that a Justice, having little knowledge of Canadian law, would be in a position to recommend criminalizing something (School CP) that hasn’t existed for 12 years now. Unfortunately, the Justice’s lack of knowledge in this reflects poorly on the basis for the other 94 TRC recommendations.